This drink can destroy our bones but everyone still drinks it almost everyday

According to a recent study, most of the Americans love to drink soda more than any other drink because 25% represents soda that is being traded in the United States. Americans have bought about 15 billion gallons of soda or a 12-ouce of can per day for each citizen in the year 2000.

The internet is packed with a lot of information about the disturbing effect of this extremely unhealthy addiction, but in case that it is not enough for you yet, we will be giving you some information that will open your eyes. That is what we hope for.

Here are the things that Soda can do to you:

  • Soda and Osteoporosis

Soda contains caffeine and phosphoric acid. The Framingham Osteoporosis Study have tested the bone mineral density or BMD of 1413 numbers women and 1225 numbers of men in 2006 and they have learned that the consuming soda regularly resulted in a significant reduction of BMD in the hips of female subjects, which are much more vulnerable to bone loss when it is compared than men.

Based to several studies, the reason behind this phenomenon is the excessive amounts of phosphorus that prevents the absorption of calcium by the body. In addition, experts have claimed that phosphoric acid that cola contains causes the leakage of calcium in the bones.

Another study discovered that the intake of 330 milligrams of caffeine or four cups of coffee results to bone loss. It is assumed that caffeine obstructs the absorption of calcium and leads to loss of calcium through urine.

As a result, both soda and caffeine should be avoided at all cost in the case of osteoporosis or diseases that prevents the absorption of calcium including Crohn’s disease and even those people who are older than 50 years old.

  • Obesity

If you need something to blame about your extra pound, then it is your favorite drink, soda. Soft drinks are extremely high up on the list that causes obesity. A singe can of it provides an extra pound of weight gain in just a month.

If you are thinking about switching to diet soda, we bet that you will not like this one. Diet soda is even more dangerous because it is loaded with artificial sweeteners that may actually trigger a whole range of both hormonal and physiological problems which may eventually make you really fat.

  • Liver Damage

It is the worst thing that you can do to your liver. Too much intake of soda elevates the risk of cirrhosis radically, which exactly happens to chronic.

  • Tooth Decay

Soda has the ability to damage the tooth enamel that is the smile that you usually do in the mirror. Soda is highly acidic, and its chemical ingredient can actually lead to even greater damage to your teeth than those sugars that have been added to candies.

  • Kidney Stones and Kidney Disease

Cola contains a huge amount of phosphoric acid, which is known for its ability to affect your urinary tract. These kinds of changes go to the extent that eventually you will have your kidneys filled with stones. By consuming a 12-ounce of cans you elevate the risk of forming kidney stones by up to 15%.

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