How to use Guyabano leaves to fight Cancer, kidney problems and more!

Many may not be aware of this, but this fruit is a home for lots of nutrients beneficial in combating many illness and diseases. In fact, its history of healing can be dated as far back as hundreds and hundreds of years ago. And even though the fruit itself carries a great number of antioxidant and antibacterial properties, its roots, bark, and leaves are also full of nutrients necessary for good health. How is that possible? Continue reading to learn how this fruit works it magic.

  1. Get rid of gout. Gout is a condition which happens when there are too much uric acid in the body. It affects your joints, or the tissues connecting bones, hence a person with gout usually experience pain and inflammation. Fortunately, soursop is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties which can ease what the patient is feeling, as well as remove all the excessive uric acid to prevent the same condition from happening.
  2. Prevent eczema. Soursop is also beneficial in treating different infections which concerns the skin including acne and eczema. With its anti-inflammatory properties, applying boiled and mashed leaves of this fruit will treat these skin infections, without worries that it may cause side effects more harmful to the skin.
  3. Treating UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. The tea made from boiling soursop leaves is very friendly to he urinary system. Once consumed, it would make its way to the bladder, kidneys, ureter, and urethra and cleanses them, therefor infections in the system like urinary tract infection (UTI) may be prevented. The antibacterial properties of this tea can also get rid of the bacteria lurking in the urinary tract, so drinking it in a regular basis is good for you.
  4. Treating diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that has no definite cure. However, there still ways to regulate the condition for it not to get any worse. For instance, drinking soursop tea will help Type 2 diabetes patients to boost the insulin sensitivity of their body cells, hence making them use up the excess glucose. Because the cells became more alert and sensitive in using the excess sugar of the blood, one can be sure that his glucose level will not rise above normal.
  5. Preventing rheumatism. If there is one common problem all aging people is experiencing, that would be the pain in their bones and joints or the condition called rheumatism. Luckily for you, this will not be a problem anymore if you would just consume soursop tea everyday. Its anti-inflammatory properties will once again do its wonders and relieve the pain in your joints. The same can be said if you are suffering from muscular pain. Just boil and mash a couple of soursop leaves then apply it in the affected area two times a day.
  6. Helps in fighting cancer. Cancer is a very dreadful disease. It eats away one’s life slowly until nothing is left, not to mention the pricey treatments including chemotherapy, the side effects of such treatment, all of these and many more are the reasons why many, if not all, fear cancer so much. Fortunately, many researches are conducted to see if soursop can help in combating types of cancer like cancer of the breast, and lungs. It was a good thing that the researches ended up with positive results because now, one can fight cancer without having to spend his entire fortune and suffer from side effects.

With all of soursop’s healing properties like its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal content, it is no wonder why this fruit can help in giving the immune system a boost to fight different bacteria and viruses that can cause ailments. A strong immune system means good health and away from sickness, that’s why consuming soursop is really beneficial. Eating the fruit itself is one good way, and the other one is by drinking its tea.

To make the tea, prepare ten (10) leaves of soursop, slice them into pieces, and then boil it with three cups of water. Wait until only one-third of the water is left, turn off the fire, and then let it cool down in a room temperature. You should drink this tea every morning when you wake up, just make sure that you drink it before eating anything.

Soursop is really one of the best fruits that we all should be paying attention to. Just imagine benefiting from all of its nutrients, be it from the fruit itself or from the tea made from its leaves. Indeed, this fruit works like magic, and all those who tried it before are the living proof. Don’t forget to like and share this article, so others may also be informed of this magnificent gift from nature.

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