Spray this in your home, and there will be no flies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes in only 3 Hours!

Home is where we could get a break and take some rest. Especially because of all those stressing works from your job or from school, you just want to sit back and relax when you get home.  Of course, you would want your home to be nice and tidy so you could rest much better and recharge yourself. That’s why you always see to it that the house is well organized and clean so the surroundings will be much more appealing and pleasant to the eyes. That way, not only are you able to rest better, your place is also ready if ever an unexpected visitor came.

However, organizing things in your house and keeping the place tidy all the time is easier said than done. After all, cleaning takes time and effort so it can really be hard at times. Arranging things, scrubbing here and there, not to mention doing the laundries, there are many household chores that need to be done before the house becomes spotless. Doing these works half-heartedly won’t do you any good because it could attract bugs and flies, and other insects that will be very difficult to dispose.

No one would want cockroaches and flies and mosquitoes lurking around their homes right? Luckily, there is a simple hack that you could do in order to make your house insect or pest-free. All you’ll need is an ingredient that could already be stored in your kitchen, meaning to say that it is very easy to do and won’t cost you much. You’ll probably wonder how on earth can this ingredient be used in such a way, that’s why we will inform you that through this article. But first, let me introduce you to olive oil.

Olive oil is obtainable by pressing the leaves and fruit of the olive tree, usually growing in Greece, Spain, and other European countries in the Mediterranean region. The good thing about this tree is that it grows throughout the year regardless of the season, unlike other plants that only grows in summer or in winter. This oil has many uses, ranging from cosmetics and skin products like soap, even to cooking, and as an oil used to fuel lamps. It’s no wonder how from the Mediterranean, olive oil became widely popular in the world.

Once included in a dish or food, olive oil can give a person lots of medicinal benefits. By using olive oil or putting it on salad dressing, you could enjoy an energy boost, vitamins, and antioxidants in return. You don’t have to fear putting you heart at risk just because it is an “oil” because it doesn’t bring bad cholesterol or LDL. On the contrary, it is very heart-friendly that’s why it is recommended to use it when cooking instead of other kinds of oil.

Do you know that olive oil can also make wonders to your skin? It has a lot of beauty benefits including making your skin soft and moisturized. Signs of aging including wrinkles will also be lessen thanks to olive oil, and even the regenerative properties and elasticity of your skin will be improved. Being a strong antioxidant, olive oil can also fix damaged cells problem, and get rid of free radicals thus preventing skin cancer. Its antioxidant content will also  prevent premature aging of the skin. The way to enjoy all these benefits is to just putting olive oil on the skin after being exposed to sunlight.

Olive oil is also loaded with antibacterial properties that can also be helpful to the skin. Although there are only few studies justifying such ability of the oil, its ability to cure infections and bacterial problems in the skin is undeniable. It can even be used to boost the healing capabilities of people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

Of course, olive oil’s vitamin content shouldn’t be taken lightly as well. It has Vitamin A, D, E, and K, which means it is useful in treating different problems concerning the skin. To name a few, eczema and psoriasis are among the skin conditions that olive oil can treat because of its E vitamin. Moreover, it is also useful in removing those itchy dandruff on the scalp, and can even fix split ends and frizzy hair.

So much from having properties that is good for the skin, let us now move on making olive oil a great exterminator that will get rod of all those bugs on your home. This simple hack is very easy to do, less time and effort are needed and you don’t even have to spend lots of money to make. But before we proceed, make sure you prepare all the things that we will be needing first. Be sure to have one spray bottle, one-half (1/2) cup of olive oil, one-half (1/2) cup of vinegar, and one-half (1/2) cup of shampoo. No need to be specific on the shampoo brand, you can use anything you want.

If the preparations are complete then let’s now go on to making the mixture that would shoo away the pests in the house. This is actually very easy that you won’t even break a sweat. Just put the olive oil, vinegar, and shampoo on the spray bottle and shake it well. Remember to close it very tightly so the mixture won’t spill on the floor. Once you see that the ingredients are properly mixed, you can now spray it to every corner of your house that are favorite spots of flies and other bugs.

The best thing about this simple hack is that even though it is effectively harmful to bugs, it is completely harmless to children and pets. So if you have a child or a pet dog in the house, you don’t have to make them go out for awhile just so they won’t inhale any toxins that could harm their health. So what are you waiting for? Start using this mixture to rid your house of all the annoying bugs lurking around it. Enjoy a nice and tidy house without any flies!

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