4 Reason why pomegranates (Granada) are good for diabetes

Doctors often tell diabetic patients not to eat sweet fruits because it may disrupt their glucose level. But, there are fruits that, although sweet in taste,  not only has no bad effect in the blood sugar level but also good in combating diabetes. One of those fruits is pomegranates. Its seeds are very heart-friendly and can regulate the sugar of the blood. Here are some of the good benefits of this fruit.

  • Reduce Blood Cholesterol

Pomegranates contain a lot of antioxidants which are proven to prevent a condition called atherosclerosis, or the hardening of the arteries, which is commonly caused by the high amount of bad cholesterol or LDL in the body.  Thankfully, pomegranates has the ability to regulate the cholesterol levels, hence preventing the development of such complications and other cardiovascular conditions like stroke and cardiac arrest.

  • Regulate the Blood Sugar Level

Just like other fruits, pomegranates is sweet. But its sugar content isn’t that which causes trouble for diabetics, but the one which actually helps to regulate blood sugar level and prevent cell damage. This is because the sugar in this fruit is directly attached to its antioxidant content, which are believed to be capable of lowering the glucose level. The antioxidants of pomegranates can also lessen oxidative stress, which happens when the body can not cope with reactive free radicals that are damaging the cells.

  • Reduce Insulin Resistance

Diabetes happens in two conditions, one of which is when the cells are resisting or refusing the absorb the insulin in the body. Thankfully, pomegranate is blessed with plant chemicals such as gallic and tannin which are very useful in combating this type of diabetes. If you drink its fresh juice, it will give your pancreas a boost to produce sufficient insulin, as well as make your cells absorb the insulin more efficiently. And because glucose is being used and burn efficiently, it can also prevent obesity.

  • Reduce Cell Damage by Free Radicals

What’s more dangerous about diabetes is its complications. It is connected with many other diseases, hence one must be careful not to worsen their condition. This is especially in the case of protecting the body cells from getting damaged because of free radicals. Pomegranates has the ability to protect our cells and treat diabetes in the process.

But although pomegranates has the ability to help treat diabetes, it is important to coordinate to your doctor to see if it’s okay for you to consume it. You’ll never know, maybe it would get in the way of your medications which will only worsen your condition. It’s better to be safe than sorry so be sure to inform your doctor first.

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